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Text Parser Using Regex

Those familiar with Regular Expressions may use this tool to find content inside an unstructured text file, organize the findings into a table, and then export the table to Microsoft Excel, where the data can be further manipulated.

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A C ATM Console App

This article is useful for both beginners and intermediate developers who are interested in using c-objective programming skills and techniques such as declaring variables, manipulating data by sequential and random access files , calling functions, passing values or references, and the use of pointers, etc.

Web Solutions


This calendar web app is built on the CodeIgniter framework, making it suitable for booking events, booking appointments, personal scheduling, and with extra features. The goal is to make it as simple as possible for site visitors to see and participate in shared events by displaying a calendar on the front end of the site, while administrators manage the events from the site's admin area. Otherwise, I'm happy to provide a helping hand whenever possible.

Web Solutions


A social network web application built on the Laravel framework that connects cruise-girl with their clients so that it meet their needs and budget.

Web Solutions


A scheduling web application built on CodeIgniter framework with various features.

Web Solutions

Kodiak Appliance Service

A work order web application built on CodeIgniter framework that connects Kodiak Appliance Service with their clients so that it meet their needs and budget.

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